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woman in autumn

October: A Chill Wind?

I absolutely love the autumn months and trade wise the early autumn saw a rebound in fortunes for many. It’s been an amazing season outdoors with the colours so vibrant after the warm spring, and summer weather motivating so much growth in trees, plants and crops. So, I’m not going…

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a bottle of glossier in hand

Getting Under the Skin of Hyaluronic Acid

Never has the age-old saying “beauty comes from within” bore as much truth as it does in the modern-day beauty and cosmetics industry. The growth in shopper demand for products providing more than just skin-deep beauty has shaken up the UK’s £27 billion beauty sector (Finder UK, 2019), with a…

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oats on breakfast table

Oats – Here We Go A Grain

Re-wind 10 years and oats rarely featured beyond the ambient breakfast category. Today, it’s a very different picture. Just a short mask covered stroll through your local supermarket will highlight just how much oat-based NPD has cropped up over recent years – in all sorts of ambient, chilled, to go…

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Autumn’s Anecdata

I don’t know about you, but I have been swamped with ‘anecdata’ about what’s going to happen this autumn. You might not have heard the word anecdata – it’s a blend of the anecdote and actual data – but you know it when you see it. It’s when folks take…

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bcorp business poster

A BCorp Update – It’s A Marathon, Not A Sprint!

As some of you may know, we have been undertaking the necessary steps to gain a B Corporation (BCorp) certification. We’ve shrouded the exact meanings of this in mystery and thought it time to outline how far along the journey we’ve got to whilst we explain what BCorp is, what…

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bedtime occasion fmcg brands

Is the Consumer Bedtime Occasion Underserved by FMCG Brands?

“Sleep it off” is probably a phrase you’ve heard in response to numerous ailments experienced on a day-to-day basis. Whether it be a foul mood, a bad back or a questionable dinner, resting your mind and body can provide a multitude of mental and physical benefits. Despite a wide variety of sleeping pills, teas, tech, podcasts…

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wide range of products with collagen in

Cracking the Collagen Market

With consumers now beginning to value the relationship between diet and skin more than ever before, holistic health and wellness trends are booming. The phrase ‘you are what you eat’ has never been more relevant in the health and beauty industry. With consumers increasingly scrutinising the health claims and ingredient…

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