B Corp Status

Our monthly impact reports continue to highlight how we run our office and hold us accountable. We strongly believe in transparency and our environmental scorecard allows us to keep track so that we can learn more about our behaviours.

April 2023

This month we have had regular office hours from the whole team. In addition to this, we have had more people in the office due to a handover to two new team members.

We are using the same waste system including compost, hard and soft recycling, and black bin bags but it is likely our waste has increased in line with the new members joining. Everyone in the team has continued to bring their own Tupperware for breakfast and lunch to minimise waste.

 With new team members, our downstairs toilet is being used more frequently.

There has been some travel this month to another trade show and necessary in-person meetings. On the first trip the team travelled together by electric car. On the second trip, the team travelled by train.

 Assessing our water usage remains a key challenge for us to improve.