• Export Empowerment Initiative:

    Maximising Opportunities in the UK Market

Seizing opportunities in international markets is paramount for businesses seeking growth and expansion. In collaboration with Victoria Trade & Investment, we embarked on a mission to empower Victorian FMCG exporters to conquer the vibrant UK market. Through a comprehensive training and capability programme, tailored specifically for the unique needs of Australian companies, we aimed to equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and strategies necessary to thrive in the dynamic UK eCommerce landscape.

The Ask

In collaboration with Victoria Trade & Investment, we devised and executed a training and capability programme aimed at enhancing the capability and capacity of Victorian FMCG exporters.

Focused on eCommerce, the programme targeted online-only retailers, specialist online retailers, online channels of major multiples, and the Direct-to-Consumer channel. We conducted a series of four 1.5-hour webinars tailored to a pre-qualified cohort of companies seeking to expedite their exporting journey through eCommerce. The training provided a blend of UK market and consumer insights along with practical exporting advice.

The Thinking and Strategy

  1. UK Market Overview: Providing insights into consumer segments, retail & eCommerce trends, and landscape analysis specific to the UK market.
  2. Channel Choice and Route to Market: Covering crucial elements involved in developing a route to market strategy, including channel selection and range selection.
  3. Pricing Strategies: Guidance on setting pricing, promotional pricing, and commercials, addressing factors like retail margin, supply chain costs, and promotional costs.
  4. Marketing Strategy for the UK: Comprehensive support on developing an integrated omnichannel marketing strategy tailored for the UK market.


Participants emerged from the accelerator with a thorough understanding of eCommerce dynamics in the UK and the ability to formulate well-researched plans and strategies for entering the market or enhancing their eCommerce offerings.

(Reference: Christine Spahn, Trade Director UK & Europe at State Government of Victoria)


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