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The Challenge

OMSCo is the Organic Milk Suppliers Cooperative, formed in 1994. Today, it is the largest and most established organic milk supplier in the UK, accounting for around 65% of the market.

As well as supplying raw organic milk, OMSCo also supplies a range of organic bulk dairy ingredients: cream, skimmed milk powder, liquid skimmed concentrate and butter.

A few years ago, OMSCo, in collaboration with Organic Valley, spotted an opportunity to develop an organic branded cheddar for the USA market – the result being Kingdom Cheddar, the first and only European cheese to be certified organic by the USDA.

The Strategy

We came up with several initial brand concepts, though our research into the American market led us to settle on a ‘merlin-esque’ positioning, emphasising British Provenance and the historical myths and stories US consumers associate with Britain.

Our food and drink marketing team, with all their dairy expertise, has been supporting the brand ever since, designing the packaging, and assisting with shopper and trade marketing for the brand for over 3 years.

Key Services

  • Advertising
  • Online Designs
  • Website Creation and management
  • Print Design
  • Point of sale (POS) marketing

The Results

Kingdom is now stocked in Wholefoods, Costco and various other independent retailers in America, with sales approaching £2m and the brand enjoying a growing following. Our food marketing experts continue to help support the brand and are working on extending the range with a variety of new products.

“HRA Global helped to build the Kingdom Cheddar brand with proposition development, brand design, qualitative and quantitative market research and packaging design for the US market. They successfully provided advertising, website creation, social media activation and in store marketing material for US consumers, retailers and wholesalers. They are effective and considered with a friendly, professional responsive work ethic.”

Ben Cull, Marketing Consultant, OMSCO
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