• Navigating Market Entry: South Korea

    Developing value propositions and overcoming trade barriers for success

A leading Government trade body sought out our specialised expertise to assist organisations in their market entry or expansion within South Korea. This led to a collaborative effort spanning a rigorous 3-month programme aimed at meticulously preparing and supporting these ventures.

The Challenge

A leading Government trade body required a 3-month programme of work to prepare and support companies who were making steps to enter the South Korean market, or those who were already trading and wanted to accelerate sales.

The ask was to determine the trade requirements and perceptions of the country of origin and organisation’s products, in order to tailor their market entry plans and value proposition effectively for the target market.

The Thinking

Products included cheese, collagen, health supplements, fruit, beef and seafood. We held one to one interviews with the 10 participating organisations to determine their current state of play and potential barriers to entry. This set the scene for us to prepare the criteria for in country market research with trade bodies and market experts, along with consumer surveys capturing feedback from 200 South Korean nationals.The programme contained multiple webinars that were tailored to topics that were common across the participating organisations’ needs, addressed global and South Korean food and drink trends and the trading regulatory requirements to consider.

Key Services

  • Category analysis
  • Market benchmarking
  • Trends
  • Consumer research
  • Market research
  • Coaching

The Result

Individual market/consumer research and regulatory guidance reports were produced for each organisation, along with a 1:1 coaching session with us, attended by the South Korean trade body representative, to discuss the best options for deploying the results.

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