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    New Zealand Companies Excel on Ocado

In the rapidly evolving landscape of e-commerce, New Zealand exporters are embracing new opportunities and expanding their horizons. With the support of a leading Government trade body and a cohort of New Zealand companies, we embarked on a journey to the Ocado market. As part of a comprehensive programme we provided tailored assistance and strategic guidance to navigate the complexities of entering the upscale platform. This collaborative effort, spanning over three months, aimed at not only securing new listings but also enhancing existing ones, ensuring the success of New Zealand brands in one of the world’s most dynamic markets.

The Ask

In collaboration with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise’s global E-commerce program, we developed and delivered a training and capability program for New Zealand exporters.

With Ocado’s high growth rates, upscale shopper profile, and openness to innovation, it was identified as an ideal platform to build and develop New Zealand brands.

We were tasked with delivering a 3-month support program to ensure success through marketing support, commercial strategy, and pitching skills for meetings with Ocado buyers.







The Strategy

One-to-Many Content: We delivered one-to-many webinars covering key topics applicable to all companies, including marketing and promotional strategy, on-platform marketing options, negotiating prices, and pitching skills. The content ranged from strategic elements to soft skills involved in negotiations and addressing buyer pushback.

Bespoke, One-on-One Coaching: Through individual meetings, we worked with each company to understand their specific requirements and tailored a support package accordingly. One-on-one coaching sessions guided companies through the process, addressing their unique needs.

One-to-Few Coaching: Identifying common development areas among companies, we conducted one-to-few coaching sessions to address these needs collectively. This approach facilitated peer-to-peer learning and provided targeted support close to the Ocado meetings.




Eight out of the ten companies either acquired new listings or developed existing ones with Ocado, marking a significant success in their partnership endeavours.

(Reference: Maria Hellyer, International Trade and Market Expansion Consultant, NZTE)

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  • Taste tests
  • Focus groups
  • Qualitative analysis


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