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The Challenge

With the negative effects of light on the nutrients of food and drink becoming better understood and documented in the media, many manufacturers have been looking for a way to protect their products by “locking in” their goodness.

Noluma has created a packaging technology that does just this by protecting food and drink products from the negative effects of light degradation. To crack the UK market, Noluma was presented with the challenge of evaluating consumer perceptions of light degradation.

The Strategy

Before entering the UK market, Noluma enlisted HRA Global to help them engage some of the key potential customers for their packaging technology.

We conducted 14 focus groups as part of our food and drink market research across the UK. Using a representative sample of the population, we could get under the skin of the issue and determine how consumers feel about the issue of light degradation and the role of light protective packaging.

We also conducted an online survey with over 1000 respondents to sense check these findings and see how attitudes differed among different consumer segments.

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The Results

Our food and drink market research found that, although awareness of the issue of light degradation is low, once consumers are told about the impact of light on the nutrients of products, it is a surprise and a major concern. Ultimately, the results provided solid support for the role of Noluma technology in the UK.

These compelling results allowed us to reach out to potential partners for whom the Noluma technology would be of benefit. In 2019, we are currently in the process of finalising these commercial discussions.

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