Management consulting, Factory investment and M&A

The Challenge

Following the closure of a milk processing plant in Aberdeenshire, farmers in the region were suddenly without a local outlet for their milk. ONE and Aberdeenshire Council came together to fund a project, its aim: find a viable solution to raise funding for a new facility.

The Strategy

Working with SAOS to get the perspective from the farmers, we came up with the concept of a processing asset which would produce products to maximise the profitability of a factory in a relatively remote region. We then contacted potential investors and customers with our case, with the intention of forming the best partnership possible to run the facility.

Key Services

  • Management consulting
  • Factory investment
  • M&A
  • Business case modelling
  • Factory sourcing
  • Stakeholder management

The Results

We scoured the market, identifying potential investors and nursed the deals through to a conclusion.

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