• Renshaw

    Online Questionnaire Design, Respondent Recruitment, Quantitative Analysis, Food Packaging Design

The Food & Drink Marketing Challenge

A longstanding household name, Renshaw is the largest supplier of icing in the UK. As a key own-label supplier to one of the UK’s major retailers, they needed help in enhancing some of their own label designs.

Our food packaging design team were tasked with driving sales by ensuring Renshaw were appealing to the right target consumers. Enter the HRA Global food and drink marketing experts.

The Strategy

Using Renshaw’s consumer insight data, we recruited a representative sample of their typical purchasers. Our food marketing specialists designed an online questionnaire, which included questions on their attitudes and approaches to buying icing, as well as their opinions on each of the own label designs available in the other retailers.

Through gathering feedback on each food packaging design, we were able to highlight and compare specific elements on each design and discover what consumers prefer (e.g. a whole iced cake vs. a slice of cake).

Key Services

  • Online questionnaire design
  • Food packaging design
  • Respondent recruitment
  • Quantitative analysis

The Results

Using the data we had gathered about attitudes to imagery on pack, product names, descriptions and usage instructions, our food and drink marketing experts were able to put together some clear recommendations on how to increase the ‘shelf appeal’ of their own label range.

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