• Securing Top Tier Retail Listings:

    King Salmon’s Retail Expansion

New Zealand King Salmon (NZKS), the world’s largest producer of King salmon, boasts over 30 years of expertise in farming, processing, and branding this unique breed. With a high-quality product ready for market, NZKS aimed to break into the European market, where North Atlantic Salmon is predominantly consumed. To achieve this, NZKS enlisted HRA Global to identify key markets and build a strong business case to present to top-tier retailers.

The Ask

NZKS needed to enter a new market where their King salmon would stand out among the commonly consumed North Atlantic Salmon. The goal was to secure listings with top-tier European retailers by validating the product’s taste and quality, refining its value proposition, and developing a compelling business case.

The Thinking 

HRA Global executed a comprehensive plan, focusing on several critical activities:

  • Market Evaluation: In-depth analysis of potential markets to determine the most promising entry points.
  • Consumer Taste Tests: Conducted taste tests to validate the taste and quality claims of NZKS’s King salmon.
  • Qualitative Research: Refined the value proposition through detailed consumer research.
  • Sell-In Deck Development: Assisted in creating a compelling sell-in presentation.
  • Retailer Engagement: Accompanied the NZKS team to meetings with top-tier retailers to support their business case.

Key Services

  • Market Analysis
  • Taste Tests
  • Focus Groups
  • Go to Market Strategy

The Result

HRA Global’s strategic approach yielded significant results:

  • Identified three key markets for entry: UK, France, and Italy, with a recommendation to start with Italy.
  • Supported NZKS in securing listings with La Rinascente (Italy) and key food service organizations and top-tier UK retailers.
  • Provided recommendations on brand identity to resonate effectively with European consumers.

By leveraging HRA Global’s expertise, New Zealand King Salmon successfully positioned their high-quality product within the competitive European market, setting the stage for continued growth and expansion.

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