• Navigating the Path to Tesco:

    A Sweet Success Story

Securing a major retail contract is a significant milestone for any supplier. Cofradex, with the assistance of HRA Global, achieved just that by becoming the exclusive supplier of Maple Syrup for Tesco Own Label. This case study explores the strategies and efforts that led to this successful partnership.

The Ask

HRA were approached by Cofradex with two main objectives:

1. To help them become a new supplier for Tesco in the UK and to secure all own label Maple Syrup.

2. To extend the consumption occasions for maple syrup from something that is normally only eaten on Pancake Day and at Easter and Christmas to a flatter sales profile across the whole year.


The Thinking 

HRA undertook a range of activities including:

  • In-depth category analysis of all suppliers in the Maple Syrup market, evaluating both volume and value of the market – including price per litre analysis.
  • Analysing consumer taste data to demonstrate the potential.
  • Made recommendations on the simplification of the supply chain.
  • Oversaw all negotiations with Tesco (during which time the Tesco buyer has changed three times).

Key Services

  • Market evaluation
  • Data analysis
  • Retail negotiations

The Result

After 16 months of negotiations, Cofradex became the exclusive supplier of Maple Syrup for Tesco Own Label and have had the contract for two years (having successfully renewed the contract after year one). Volumes are up 18% year on year and margins have been maintained.

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