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With such a diverse range of products and choices in baby care, there are great brand opportunities for baby care companies to help new parents navigate the confusing and sometimes overwhelming world of infant care. With a growing global population and more informed parents, the baby-care aisles provide more and more choice. There is plenty of room for innovation in the category: be it in infant formula, soothers, pacifiers, bottles, nappies or anything else.

When looking to reach the market of parents or anyone looking to provide baby supplies for parents, there are a set of specific sales mediums to consider. Those include supermarkets, large pharmacies, independents, wholesalers, infant specialist retailers and online, to name just a few. HRA Global can help develop your baby care products and brands in order to reach these parent shoppers, making an impact on the baby care market in doing so.

Baby care supplies are something that are always going to be in demand. If you are seeking market insights and reports, market research, research into the attitudes of new parents, product marketing, consultancy or looking to export baby items to the UK and enter the UK market, contact our dedicated FMCG team who have a wealth of experience within the healthcare industry.

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