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With the ‘Mrs Hinch Effect’ continuing to fuel sales, the cleaning product category has been seeing an impressive surge in consumer engagement. Various lockdowns have shown the focus that the home can become and highlighted shopper awareness of the role of viruses, bacteria and pathagens within the home environment.

Whilst this increase in demand offers a wider breadth of brand opportunities, it also creates a more saturated category where having a clear and unique brand message is key to standing out against competitors. You can execute this message through a variety of ways including effective brand design, channel innovation and target specific marketing; HRA Global can offer these services tailored to your FMCG industry needs as well as household product marketing, exporting to the UK services, and household and cleaning product market research.

From working with established cleaning products brands, to building new cleaning products from design to production, HRA Global have the expertise to help you to market no matter your product;

  • All purpose cleaners – including sprays and wipes
  • Abrasive cleaners
  • Non abrasive cleaning supplies – including powders, liquids and sprays
  • Bleaches
  • Glass cleaners
  • Oven cleaners
  • Floor cleaners – including carpet, rug and floor care solutions
  • Furniture cleaning products

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