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The dairy industry has long been characterised by tradition and continuity, yet is in fact is one of the most fast changing and competitive grocery categories. Be it the more conventional areas such as cheese, white & flavoured milk and yoghurts or the relatively new areas of quark, skyr or functional ice cream, it is certainly one of the fastest growing and dynamic categories in the market.

Since HRA Global’s establishment in 2011, dairy has been one of our key specialisms. With a dairy career background reaching board level in two of the UK’s major dairies, and significant senior dairy retail experience, founder Hamish is well versed in the unique workings of the dairy industry.

For over 5 years, we have written the commodity market analysis for global dairy publication dairy Industry News, bringing an unrivalled understanding of the global factors impacting on the industry. This is knowledge we carry over into each dairy sector project we undertake. Contact us if you have a dairy product or brand and would like the assistance of our experienced team.

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