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A heavily populated market that spans a variety of channels from salon to supermarket, the hair care industry offers ample opportunities for new products. The variety of sales channels allows for innovative marketing and thinking creatively about how this market can be targeted to a particular audience based on haircare market research. This shift can maximise brand presence and establish your product as a stand-out competitor.

From nutrient-rich supplements that can boost hair growth to scientifically based hair care serums, HRA Global has the experience to effectively assist you on your route to the haircare market. We aim to provide you with bespoke services to ensure your products really make an impact. Our services include hair care consultancy, in which we assess branding and scalability opportunities. For exporting brands looking to penetrate the UK market, we can evaluate your formulated ingredients to see if they are able to be legally exported. Chemicals such as ceramides, glycerin, keratin, natural oils and silk protein, for example, need to be assessed for their feasibility in the existing UK market.

Should your brand need skincare and beauty market research, HRA Global can provide a wealth of market research from desk research to qualitative to quantitative methodologies; whichever is best suited to your client needs. If you have a haircare brand or are developing hair care products, contact us today to see how we can help.

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