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Sustainability is a huge consumer issue in the who health and wellness space and specifically, re-usable household products are becoming ever more popular with big-name companies introducing refillable product stations as a commitment to improving the environment. It is crucial that new products being introduced into the household disposables market have a clear stance in support of sustainable processes whether this be through their manufacturing or end of life product disposal.

The market continues to grow – our household disposables market research showed a considerable rise in the purchase of toilet paper, kitchen roll and antibacterial wipes in 2020 which subsequently has led to greater scope for new brand launches.

HRA Global can help you find the market gap for your household disposable product with efficient analysis by our household disposables market research team and insight and guidance from our marketing and commercial consultancy. Our marketing and commercial personnel can also help you envision a brand design to make your product make an impact or a marketing strategy to help your route to market.

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