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A large sector within the household category, advanced laundry products are increasingly in demand as washing machines become even more widespread in developing economies and chemical-rich formulations are being disregarded in favour of allergen-friendly products.

The increasing shift towards natural-based laundry products offers opportunities for new products within an eco-conscious niche. The demand for friendly laundry products grows year on year. The category has a wider consumer reach now, from budget “family-sized” detergents to premium essential oil laundry products promoting benefits to both body and mind. This means that no matter your product position, there’s a space in the laundry product market that HRA Global can help you occupy.

We can do this by a manner of methods, including household market research to inform which occasion your product is best suited for or if you are the inception of a new product, conducting household market research to inform what product is missing or where consumers pain points are such as; bleaches, stain removers, baking sodas, fabric softeners, water softeners, distilled white vinegar or laundry shampoos.

If you have a laundry product or a set of and are looking to develop your branding, market position and visibility to consumers, contact our dedicated team of laundry products specialists.

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