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Personal care products benefit from having a variety of sub-sectors: for example deodorants and antiperspirants leading the hygiene occasion; whilst the pampering occasion is spearheaded by shampoos and fragrances. With so many overlaps and products stretching from one primary consumer occasion to secondary usage occasions, this can offer challenges in marketing however, as the target audience becomes vague as a result of the category’s ambiguity. Therefore understanding shopper usage and purchase motivations through market research in oral care is key to success.

HRA Global has extensive experience in analysing where personal care products are best situated, having conducted FMCG market research for various brands over a broad range of FMCG categories. By working closely with you to discover your ultimate brand goals, HRA Global offer bespoke research methodologies to provide detailed insights and industry reports to help you better understand the opportunities within the personal care category.

Alongside market research, HRA Global can also offer cross-media personal care marketing services, from creating bespoke online or printed brochures, social media management, point of sale marketing, website creation and packaging design. Please see our FMCG marketing page for a complete overview.

Within HRA Global’s FMCG consulting capacity, we can also advise and guide you on your route to market with honest and informed insights into your business model and products.

Do you have a personal care brand? Seek the assistance of a dedicated FMCG consulting agency and start a conversation with us today, about how we can play a part in the development and expansion of your company. Contact us via phone, email or fill out a form.

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