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The supplements market has experienced commercial success over the last decade, with value sales expected to reach a total of £457m in 2021. Similar to the vitamins market, supplements have become increasingly mainstream. Sports nutrition supplements, food supplements and protein shakes initially marketed towards bodybuilders to promote muscle growth, have been some of the biggest contributors to market growth as more people recognise the benefits of supplements for an everyday balanced, healthy lifestyle.

The growth of the protein trend continues and different types of protein – pea, vegan formulations, lactose reduced have all blossomed alongside tractional whey and casein platforms. Innovation keeps coming into the category whether driven by Nootropic formulations, insights from functional medicine or science throwing a light on the role of specific molecules or formulations.

In-keeping with the market growth, vitamins, minerals, proteins and other forms of dietary or sports supplements are now available in a variety of flavours and formats, from pills, tablets, gels, liposomal formulations to powders. Supplement brands have also answered to the growing meat-free market, many creating popular plant-based formulations to appeal to a wider demographic.

At HRA Global, our market research team can conduct extensive market research on the category, to oversee the strategy moving forward in penetrating the supplements market as well as health product consultancy, provide marketing services or conduct market research.

Contact us today if you have a sports nutrition supplement, food supplement, protein shake or any other type of supplement product and would like the professional services of a dedicated FMCG research and consultancy company. Our friendly team is here to assist, whether you are just starting out in the category or have an established supplements brand.

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