No brand or product proposition, however well-strategised or founded in insight, will reach its full potential without the right commercial expertise, relationships and knowledge. With our unrivalled industry connections coupled with FMCG market expertise, we are the perfect solution to open doors for your brand.

Whether you’re looking to onshore your brand or source a contract manufacturer; secure a retail listing; recruit a commercial partner; identify which of your products are most commercially suited to the market or identify a size of prize in a particular category; we are experts in helping set you up for commercial success.

We’re also extremely well-versed in helping companies export to the UK from further afield as well as UK companies export outwards – and are perfectly positioned to help at every stage of the exporting journey.


Unlock profitable export sales to the UK

Unlock profitable export sales to the UK

Building a clear roadmap to unlock retail and food service volume

Grow and expand existing retail listings

Grow and expand existing retail listings

Whether category management, mentoring or account services...

Find the right co-manufacturer for your product

Find the right co-manufacturer for your product

Identifying efficient and flexible manufacturing partners to onshore existing business or unearth new capacity.

Unearth the right partners for your UK business

Unearth the right partners for your UK business

From finding a sales agent to building a supply chain or identifying a marketing agency...

Solve complex commercial challenges

Solve complex commercial challenges

From establishing the right pricing to calculating an accurate size of prize...

Our Commercial Solutions

  • Onshoring & contract manufacturer search

    We are the go to people for UK and EU Contract Manufacturing projects, whether it be for NPD or moving existing volume.

    We have over a decades worth of experience and knowledge of creating supply chains accross a wide range of food and drink sectors and excellent contacts with the key contract manufacturers in the UK and the EU. Whether you are looking for chilled, ambient or frozen products, we can help. We have put together bottle, bar, pouch and pot product launches in recent years and can guide you towards the best partner for your needs.

  • Retail listing support

    Achieving and sustaining successful retail listings is often seen as the holy grail of grocery and is often the ultimate goal for many food and drink companies and brands. Having worked both client and retailer side, we have a solid understanding of what both parties want to get out of the buying-supplying relationship, and we focus on delivering the win:win.

    With our experience not just in achieving commercial solutions but also in market research and broader strategic FMCG consulting, we can help you every step of the way to build and grow your business.

  • Sales forecast & size of prize analysis

    Essential to any strategic plan, be it commercial, brand, marketing focused or in particular entering a new market, is a realistic sales forecast and size of prize analysis. We work alongside you and your team, debating assumptions and creating a set of both ‘top down’ (working from the retail price backwards) and also ‘bottom up’ (starting with the ex works price and laddering up to the retailer). We will also work through the detail of pricing, tiering and promotional strategy to ensure success in your chosen channel.

  • Partner selection

    Whether it’s an agent, distributor, contract manufacturer or logistics partner, choosing the right commercial partner can make or break your supply chain. Not only do you need a partner that meets your brand’s success criteria, its essential that you establish the right chemistry and identify that they are as passionate about your brand as you are.

    HRA Global are seasoned experts in partner selection, having helped over 125 clients from over 40 countries over the last decade with our carefully curated database of potential partners.

  • UK Market Entry

    The UK retail landscape can be daunting to international businesses looking to penetrate the British market, not only for the logistical hurdles you can find but for the local nuances specific to the culture that can be difficult to navigate when unfamiliar to your brand.

    Having worked with over 125 global businesses from over 40 countries, HRA Global have comprehensive knowledge of the vital steps for success in the UK that we can tailor to your brand’s needs. We work collaboratively to deliver the right market entry and expansion strategy for you.

    Whether it’s providing complete solutions from start to finish, or contributing particular industry assistance along the way, we have experience with it all including category analysis, recommending a route to market or refining your product formulation, packaging and labelling.

    We are also thought leaders in UK market insights and data tracking, connected to all the major trends in the markets and channels and therefore well placed to support your launch and expansion plans.

Providing strategic advice

Wish to understand your competition or your shopper more or interested in expanding into a new category or market?

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