• Skincare & Beauty Marketing and Branding

    One of the key areas of FMCG with endless opportunities for both standard and value added products, Skincare & Beauty marketing brings with it a world of possibilities. At HRA Global we have over 50 years’ combined experience in the sector, meaning nobody is better placed to help you with skincare marketing, beauty marketing and brand building.

Print Design

Website Creation

Brand Activation

Brand Development

Packaging design and optimisation

Investor reports

Point of sale

Trade show, stand and collateral

Food PR and social media management

  • Print Design

    One of the more traditional forms of marketing, skincare & beauty print marketing is still a powerful way of driving sales and consumer interest in your brand. From credibility leveraged by PR associations to print advertising’s flexibility, investment here has countless benefits. With skincare and beauty products sold in a wide range of retailers and purchased by hugely diverse consumer groups, print marketing is ideal for targeting those harder-to-reach groups that digital communications might not get to.

  • Website Creation

    In such a competitive market as skincare & beauty and where so much customer interaction takes place online, having a visually engaging and user-friendly website is crucial. In the skincare & beauty category, it is vital that your website is as aesthetically pleasing as possible, as well as being true to your brand. Along with our talented network of graphic designers and software developers, we are perfectly placed to help bring your vision to life and produce an engaging, appealing, targeted and powerful digital presence.

  • Brand activation

    Once you’ve got the basics sorted – products, branding, website, sales channels, the challenge becomes ensuring consumers buy into your brand. Our skincare & beauty marketing agency are impeccably placed to help you transform potential customers into repeat sales. Brand activation is intended to drive a call to action, and the ultimate goal is sales and repeats. With our background in category management, research and wider consulting, nobody is better placed than our skincare and beauty marketing experts to help you launch a powerful, successful brand.

  • Brand development

    Building skincare and beauty brands is something we are experts in at HRA global. Covering everything from initial brand development right the way through to brand extensions, product extensions and rebrands, we work with you every step of the way. With our specialisms lying not just in skincare & beauty marketing but in category management, research and consulting, we call upon our comprehensive range of skills to help you develop the most appealing and relevant brand possible.

  • Packaging design

    As many first interactions with your brand will take place in-store, standout, effective packaging is vital to the success of your brand. Packaging that is as functionally effective as it is visually appealing is the way forward to drive repeat purchase, and at HRA Global we are experts in developing, optimising and refining packaging that appeals to as many members of your target audience as possible. Our wealth of packaging experience combined with our network of regulatory experts ensures that everything from translations to labelling is handled with ease and compliance.

  • Investor reports

    As well as being key documents from an operational perspective, strategic company and investor reports can also be utilised as powerful pieces of marketing collateral. By ensuring your investors and other stakeholders are well-informed, you can generate positive PR and cement your position in the industry. With foundations in research and consultancy, we are trusted by skincare and beauty industry leaders to create distinguished corporate documentation.

  • Point of sale

    With so many purchasing decisions being made in-store in the skincare and beauty sector, point-of-sale is a key marketing tool here – particularly for targeting the high volume of ‘impulse’ purchases. Calling out key product features such as price, promotion or recency, you can rely on us to develop eye-catching, relevant and visually appealing point of sale to generate the maximum impact for your brand.

  • Trade show stand and collateral

    Key for appealing to a huge range of stakeholders from customers and end users to retail intermediaries and potential investors, trade shows and event marketing have a range of important benefits. From scoping out the competition, gathering inspiration, exciting interest in partners and customers as well as a platform to reveal and shout about your brand, trade shows and event marketing are vital tools. Our team have decades of combined experience in running trade fair stands and event projects, and can prepare you with everything you need for the big day – and even help you man your stand.