• Health Marketing and Branding

    One of the most crucial and encompassing areas of FMCG, health is one of our key focus points here at HRA Global. Our team of experts have over 50+ years combined experience on helping health propositions come to life, covering all aspects of health product marketing, brand development and activation.

Print Design

Website Creation

Brand Activation

Brand Development

Packaging design and optimisation

Investor reports

Point of sale

Trade show, stand and collateral

Food PR and social media management

  • Print Design

    For health products which are sold in a wide range of stores from supermarkets down to independent chemists and pharmacies, print marketing is key when it comes to targeting a diverse range of consumers in all age brackets. A wide range of marketing tools and devices can be utilised here, and print marketing is ideal for local campaigns as well as national. We’ve seen the many benefits for our clients over the years of investing in this tried and tested, traditional form of marketing.

  • Website Creation

    Your website is often the very first interactions your customers will have with your brand, and in the health category, it is especially important that your site is user-friendly, practical and informative – as well as of course being engaging and visually appealing. Our decades of experience and highly skilled network of graphic designers and software developers is one we are truly proud of, and we are truly confident we will bring your creative vision to life in your web presence.

  • Brand activation

    Once you’ve developed a fantastic product, your next challenge is convincing your target audience to buy into your brand. Our health product marketing agency is perfectly placed to help, with decades of experience managing everything from sampling in-store to digital voucher giveaways. Brand activation is all about driving consumer action – whether that’s going all the way through to making a sale through in-store signposting, or simply driving clicks online – nobody is better placed than we are to help you launch your brand.

  • Brand development

    Building consumer trust in your brand is something our health marketing experts have decades of experience in. Covering everything from simple logo development right through to total rebranding, or even the formulation of new products or a sub-brand, we work with you every step of the way to develop a compelling, targeted, trustworthy and ultimately successful brand (or sub-brand!). For brands with a presence in supplement tablets, they may wish to diversify into liquids. For brands with a presence in baby formula, they may wish to diversify into infant meals. With our decades of experience across research and consulting as well as marketing, we bring a 360 degree view to every brand development project.

  • Packaging design

    In the health market, many customers’ first interaction with your brand will be on-shelf in store – meaning eye-catching packaging that stands out against the competition and effectively communicates the benefits of your brand is vitally important. Functionality is also key in the health market – it is important your packaging not only looks good, but that it is user-friendly whilst maintaining the safety and integrity of your product. Labelling is also key here, and regulations can be tricky to navigate. Our depth of experience in the industry as well as our network of regulatory experts ensure that everything from translations to labelling is handled with compliance and ease.

  • Investor reports

    Obligatory, strategic company reports are particularly important within the health products sphere, and are increasingly used as powerful marketing collateral – reaching both internal and external stakeholders. By keeping these stakeholders are well-informed, you can ensure your brand is always viewed in a favourable light, and garner positive PR attention. With foundations in consultancy and research, we have long been trusted to create outstanding documentation – managing everything from professional photography to bespoke infographics and functional copy.

  • Point of sale

    A vast amount of health product purchasing decisions are made in store, often on impulse, and frequently involve comparing competitor products – meaning point of sale is an essential marketing tool when it comes to drawing attention to your product. Signage calling out key product features such as price, promotion, recency or benefits can help promote your brand at several different levels. Point of sale marketing in the health space is an established marketing tactic that ensures the customers’ attention is focussed on your brand.

  • Trade show stand and collateral

    A fun and exciting way to promote your product, trade shows are vital to improving brand awareness and reaching a range of interested parties, from investors, to intermediaries, all the way through to the customer. They are an opportunity to shout about and present your brand, launch new products, excite interest from potential partners and customers, and a platform to scope the competition. We help you prepare everything you could possibly need – covering everything from stand graphics and business cards all the way to helping you staff your stand.