• Hygiene Marketing and Branding

    At HRA Global we have over 50 years’ combined experience of marketing in the hygiene sector, covering everything from oral care to feminine an personal care. Our hygiene products marketing agency are well equipped to lead a diverse array of projects from initial brand development and activation all the way through to event marketing and point of sale.

Print Design

Website Creation

Brand Activation

Brand Development

Packaging design and optimisation

Investor reports

Point of sale

Trade show, stand and collateral

Food PR and social media management

  • Print Design

    The hygiene category is diverse not just in its products but in its channels – hygiene products are sold in a wide range of stores from big-name retailers all the way down to independent pharmacies, meaning print-design is key for targeting varied consumer groups, some of whom may not be so well-versed in digital. From the credibility gained by print advertisements in big-name publications to the ability to target a diverse network of consumers, there are countless benefits to investing in print.

  • Website Creation

    It is common for the first interaction customers might have with your hygiene brand to be online, and therefore it is vital that your website showcases your brand in a way that is visually appealing, relevant and easy for a diverse group of target customers to use. We have an extremely talented network of professionals from graphic designers to software developers, and will work with you every step of the way to ensure you are putting your best foot forward online.

  • Brand activation

    Once you’ve established yourself on shelf with a great product and a killer website, there comes the challenge of ensuring customers buy into your brand. Our hygiene marketing agency is on hand to help you with anything from product giveaways to in-store marketing campaigns – we are perfectly placed to ensure the launch of your hygiene brand is a complete success. Brand activation is all about generating actions – and ultimately sales – and nobody has more proven and relevant experience than us in generating sales in the category.

  • Brand development

    Crucial to the success of your brand is trust, and our hygiene marketing agency are experts in helping you develop a trustworthy, relevant, appealing and targeted brand. Brand development covers the identity of your brand from assets as simple as a logo, to the complete renovation and retargeting of a brand. A brand with a previous target audience made up of the older generation may wish to breathe ‘youth’ into their brand, or a brand currently known in personal care may wish to expand into oral care. With professionals specialising in research and consultancy as well as marketing, we will be with you every step of the way to ensure your brand is a success.

  • Packaging design

    In a category dominated by impulse purchases such as hygiene, in-store interactions are often the first your customers have with your brand, so eye-catching, appealing packaging that stands out against your competitors and effectively communicates your brand is vital. Functionality is also key here – your packaging not only needs to look good, but be as user-friendly, accessible and safe as possible. At HRA we have over 50 years combined experience in hygiene product marketing, so nobody is better placed to bring your brand to life through packaging than us.

  • Investor reports

    Strategic company and investor reports are not only crucial from an operations perspective, can also be vital from a marketing perspective. By keeping investors and other stakeholders are informed, you can establish your position in the industry with positive PR. Also specialising in consultancy and research, we are trusted by hygiene market leaders to create distinguished, targeted and effective corporate documents – covering everything from photography to bespoke infographics.

  • Point of sale

    With so many impulse purchase decisions made in-store, point-of-sale marketing is an important way to signpost target customers to your brand. By using visually appealing point-of-sale marketing tools, you can target a diverse range of customers in multiple different channels. By calling out key product features, we can help you utilise point of sale to generate the maximum positive impact.

  • Trade show stand and collateral

    Trade shows are vital to brand awareness and exposure through introducing your brand to a range of key stakeholders such as customers, retail intermediaries, potential investors and more. They bring with them a multitude of benefits – from scoping out the competition, gaining inspiration, meeting potential customers and partners as well as a platform to advertise your brand, trade shows and event marketing are key. Our team are well versed in running such events, and can work with you on anything and everything you need for the big day – including helping you man your stand.