Food and Drink Round-Up

We’ve rounded up the latest food and drink industry news and insights, so you don’t have to!

Innovation and NPD


Highlights from Enterprise Ireland’s Food Innovation Summit

Rozz Algar, Client Services Director at HRA Global, attended the Enterprise Ireland Food Innovation Summit in Dublin and gained valuable insights on the future of the food industry. Her reflections highlight the importance of market-led innovation, balancing future investments with present management, and fostering collaboration across the entire value chain. With a focus on integrating change and leveraging AI, Rozz pulls out her key takeaways from the event, highlighting a need for a holistic approach to innovation. Read her full article to discover how these insights can help your business stay ahead in the competitive food industry.


Posh restaurants tap into the UK’s Asian food craze

High-end restaurants are joining the UK’s vibrant Asian sauce market, offering gourmet table sauces that complement the burgeoning popularity of Asian cuisine. Louise Winter, Project Delivery Manager at HRA Global, comments, “Many brands are rapidly increasing their shelf space and expanding their range to meet the growing demand for Asian-inspired flavours. This trend not only highlights consumers’ evolving tastes but also emphasises the importance of staying ahead in the competitive sauce market.



A simple approach to reducing food waste

Macro introduces eco-friendly ‘Life Extending Stickers’

We’re observing more clever packaging solutions to indicate the freshness and shelf life of products, such as time-temperature indicators on meat and dairy products. It’s great to see such innovation being applied to the produce category. 



Sweet, sweet inspiration!

Jaffa Cakes launch cola spin-off…  

We’ve had drink brands take flavour inspiration from the confectionery category, like Mars and Cadburys milkshakes for example, and now we are starting to see the reverse…confectionery brands taking inspiration from the drinks category! 


Cadbury partners with Biscoff

Lotus Biscoff will launch Cadbury co-branded products in the UK

Another exciting collab’ in the confectionary aisles. While specific formats are “still in the early stages of development”, the innovation is aimed to “surprise and delight consumers”, said Lotus Bakeries.


Gene-Edited Greens to Hit US Shelves

Bayer is set to distribute mustard greens that have been genetically altered to make them less bitter to grocery stores across the country. 

CRISPR Greens are the next big thing in healthy eating and we’re so interested to follow how our partners Pairwise CRISPR technology is being used to enhance the freshness and nutritional value, offering consumers longer-lasting and tastier salad options.





PLMA: Top Product Trends 

PLMA’s 2024 World of Private Label International Trade Show

28th – 29th May at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre

This event showcased an array of top product trends shaping the food and beverage industry. From snacks with a focus on functional benefits like keto, probiotic, and protein varieties, to innovative alternatives like chickpea and date butters gaining momentum. Water innovation took centre stage, highlighting shifts towards sustainable packaging with brands like Hoppy Brew Water and Amira Protein Water. Oat milk emerged as a star player in the plant-based milk trend, with diverse flavours like salted caramel and pumpkin spice captivating consumers. Surprising combinations like coffee and orange also made waves, reflecting evolving consumer tastes. Throughout the event, the emphasis on premium oil sprays and high-protein offerings underscored the industry’s commitment to quality and health-conscious products.



Own Label Trends 2024

Time for a Spring Clean?

Daniel Selwood explores own label innovation in The Grocer

Includes insights from MD Hamish Renton who notes a “downshift” from more exciting high-end own label to “more ordinary” standard and value tiers.