Globally, the rise of lactose free dairy has picked up speed alongside the momentum of alternative dairy. This report is an in-depth compendium of the lactose free market in the UK, covering its causes, history, distribution, views from the UK food industry and trends, both product and consumer.

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  • Gain access to up-to-date trends and case studies
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  • Reap the benefits of interpretation and insight, not just data
  • Learn about the evolution of a dynamic, ever changing category
  • See how you can calibrate your Plans against your competitors

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Designed for those already in or gearing to enter the fast-moving Lactose Free/ UK Flavoured Milk market, our reports are must-haves for roles such as:

  • Bankers, VCs, Analysts, Senior Financial professionals
  • Category, Research, Insight & NPD professionals
  • European insight/category professionals
  • Brand owners Commercial sales
  • Marketing & Brand Managers

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