• Management and Supply Chain consulting

    With over 80 years of hygiene category experience within the HRA Global team, we pride ourselves on being exceptionally well connected with our fingers on the pulse of the hygiene industry. Our agility, flexibility and accessibility often lead to clients hiring us to work on their most complicated and confidential projects, rather than hiring expensive top tier generalist management consultants.

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Mergers and acquisitions

Due dilligence

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Contract manufacture search

Factory location search

Feasibility and cost modelling

  • Health Business strategy

    Whether you’re a hygiene start-up looking to expand or an established business whose sales have stalled, HRA Global is perfectly positioned to help. Getting an outsider’s view from experts in the hygiene industry allows you take a step back and gives you a sense of perspective on the issues at hand. With our knowledge of your business and our wider experience within the hygiene industry, we can give you practical advice on how to trigger positive growth.

  • Mergers and acquisitions

    During the last decade multiple international clients have entrusted HRA Global to manage their merger and acquisition projects. Together, our contacts in the industry and insider knowledge make us the perfect partner for hygiene businesses looking to expand via merger or acquisition. With a great reputation for methodical work, agility, results and confidentiality, we have seen a number of high-profile M&A projects through to completion in a variety of categories.

  • Due diligence

    A central part of our comprehensive M&A methodology is conducting hygiene market due diligence. By conducting thorough evaluations of potential opportunities, we help reduce the risk associated with high level decision making and increase the chance of long-term success. The evaluation process can include assessment of commercial factors such as solidity of current contracts, likely future margin composition, reputation of the brand and quality in the trade and perspectives from current and potential buyers. We can also go further to look at the flexibility of assets, likely NPD pipeline, fit of the assets with consumer trends and strategic position of the business against the competition.

  • Onshoring

    Whether you are focusing on areas of hygiene which are as diverse as the toothpaste industry or the deodorant industry, we can help evaluate your options for onshoring – be it finding a contract manufacturer or identifying an empty factory site for a hygiene business. HRA Global can analyse the financial implications of the options available to you, while accounting for transport rates, raw material costs, the investment needed and the effect of exchange rates, so we can recommend a strategy suitable for your manufacturing process going forward. Potential strategies may include dividing your range across a number of contract manufacturers, setting up a Joint Venture, building a new factory or just keeping production where it is. Regardless of which strategy works best for you, here at HRA Global we will see the process through to its ultimate conclusion.

  • Target search

    At HRA Global, we know the market and often have a strong working knowledge of potential M&A targets. Admittedly, it’s impossible to fully know how successful a brand will be, however, our in-depth knowledge of the industry and our expertise in the hygiene market means we often have good insight into the likelihood of brands succeeding and the likelihood of them failing. With this knowledge, we can advise on potential targets, while taking into account your ultimate business goals.

  • Contract manufacture search

    The experience and knowledge we have in a wide range of hygiene sectors means we have excellent contacts within some of the key contract manufacturers in the UK. Whether it be bottles, aerosols, boxes or tubes you need a manufacturer to fill, we can guide you towards the best partner for your needs.

  • Factory location search

    We can help you find possible factory sites regardless of whether you’re an international health business looking to onshore to the UK, or a brand focusing on investing in their own factory. Factory location searching is not as easy as finding an empty site – planning permission, effluent facilities, grant funding opportunities and transportation access along with other factors all need to be considered. We are experienced in factory operations so can expertly advise you on the optimum site for your needs.

  • Feasibility and cost modelling

    To choose the right option for your business, cost and efficiency is the ultimate factor that needs to be considered before any decisions are made. We know what to do when evaluating competing options, assessing feasibility and producing accurate cost models. By working with your in-house finance teams or accessing our own associates, we can deliver any technical financial requirements.