In the rapidly evolving Food and Drink sector, strategic private equity investment can be the catalyst for unprecedented growth and market leadership. But success demands more than just capital. It requires a partner who brings both depth of industry knowledge and breadth of strategic insight.   

Our Merger and Acquisition services combine industry expertise with investment acumen to support both F&D companies seeking to maximise their investment impact, and Private Equity firms looking to capitalise on the vast opportunities within this sector.  

With a focus on creating lasting value, we’re not just advisors; we’re your strategic allies, dedicated to navigating the complexities of the F&D investment landscape together. 



Our Tailored Services Include:

Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy

Balancing ambitious investment goals and tangible business outcomes

Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Assessing the merits and risks of a business transaction or investment opportunity

Supply Chain Audit and Evaluation

Supply Chain Audit and Evaluation

Understanding and mitigating the risks in the supply chain

Market Analysis and Entry Insights

Market Analysis and Entry Insights

Identifying opportunities for growth. Unearthing insights that conventional analysis misses

Operational Optimisation

Operational Optimisation

Streamlining for success

Post-Investment Support

Post-Investment Support

Ensuring sustainable growth

Monitoring and Rebalancing

Monitoring and Rebalancing

Ensuring alignment with changing market conditions, investment goals, and risk tolerance

From Insight to Impact

Trends and Opportunities

Evolving Due Diligence

Latest Industry Insights

Our Process


M & A Strategy

A strategy which aligns business and targets motivations and aspirations

Target Search

Fit and synergy assessment – Long and short list recommendations with feasibility clarification

Transaction Completion

Due diligence – Negotiation support – Interaction guidance – Technical assessment

Value Creation

HRA approach: Route to market (GTM strategy) –  Supply chain


Assistance with closing strategy – Advice for future opportunities – Scope out potential purchaser

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