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Quantitative Surveys: Key Considerations

Whether you’re a new FMCG brand trying to break into a category, a long-time player whose sales have seen a slight decline, or someone in-between, gaining insight from your consumers is vital to succeed. Conducting a quantitative survey is a great way of gathering insight into the thoughts, feelings and…

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Brighter Days Ahead

Literally, brighter days are coming. Not a moment too soon, as I don’t know about you but I have been struggling. It seems the country, the continent and the world has been under a leaden blanket. At home as many of you know, I’ve been juggling work with home schooling…

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Brushing Up On Children’s Oral Care Product Innovations

You’re never fully dressed without a smile, right? And what’s the best way to achieve a winning smile? You guessed it, keeping up with oral hygiene. Many of us nowadays understand the importance of looking after our teeth. But often, as many parents or caregivers will tell you, it’s a…

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beauty consultant on iphone

Beauty In The iPhone Of The Beholder – Why Virtual Beauty Consultations Are Here To Stay

It’s fair to say that the Covid pandemic has proven to be a period of adjustment, not only for consumers, but for brands too. With many businesses still forced to close their doors for the foreseeable future, businesses that rely on face-to-face contact with clients (everything from facialists, makeup artists, hairdressers, waxers, nail bars and perfume counters)…

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Screen-Time And Our Skin: Is It Causing Us Damage?

Increased screen time has become something of a necessity (or a necessary evil) throughout the pandemic and only now are we shining light on the potential damage it can cause to our skin. It is estimated that UK adults spent an average of six hours and 25 minutes on their…

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2021 calendar

2021: Happy-ish Ever After?

Right before Christmas I was talking to a slightly feverish Supply Chain Director, he was sharing his current crop of logistical nightmares, looming in store availability challenges and staffing issues. In one way or another I’d been having the same conversation with so many people over the last three or…

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Why We’re All Dieticians Now & Why Health Claims Are Redundant

I don’t know about you but I feel we are way, way past the “Information Age” in FMCG. To coin a phrase, shoppers are now in the “Information Burnout and Disinformation Age”. So many views, ‘facts’, standards, opinions about what ‘healthy’ means in food and drink on pack claims, brand…

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Seeds Of Change

I have to say that I am glad to be closing the chapter on 2020. There is so much I am not going to miss about the year almost gone. And yet, in the midst of the year’s challenges, new dynamics emerged that are shaking up the FMCG sector –…

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consulting executive jess

Welcome Jess Blake! A Q&A With HRA Global’s Consulting Executive

Freshly graduated from university, HRA’s newest recruit Jess shares a bit about herself outlining her experience, her excitement for the future and how her interest in FMCG began. What Has Your Career Path Been Up To This Point? Having graduated this summer from the University of Exeter with a BSc…

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woman applying beauty product

Are Probiotics the Next Big Thing in Skincare?

These days, navigating around the skincare scene can seem something of a minefield, with lotions and potions for each and every perceived imperfection as consumers strive to transform their skin. Whether shoppers are looking to exfoliate, hydrate, brighten, or cleanse the sheer amount of beauty regimes and product recommendations can…

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recycled bathroom cleaner products

Can A Clean House Mean A Clean Conscience?

Ever thought that instead of pick and mixing sweets, shoppers might like to pick and mix household cleaning products? No? Perhaps not surprising. With the introduction of new refill stations, shoppers now have the opportunity to pick and mix cleaning products to reduce plastic packaging. Will the sweet taste of…

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Design Thinking: How to Optimise the Research Phases and Avoid Common Pitfalls

Design thinking is increasingly used by innovative health, beauty, food and drink brands to step change their product and proposition development. It is a great process but like anything, this is not to say it doesn’t have its challenges. By gaining a deep understanding of consumer needs and testing new…

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