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Hamish is speaking at the ‘Futures for Food’ Symposium

Hamish is set to speak at the ‘Futures for Food’ Symposium on Thursday 28th May 2pm – 5pm. This is an exciting event brought by the University of Portsmouth, by Professor Lisa Jack and Sandra Johnson. Keep reading for a message from Hamish and details of how you can attend…

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Taking Baby Steps out of Lockdown

I hope you got some quality rest over the bank holiday weekend and filled your tank up for the weeks ahead as the country starts to tiptoe out of lockdown. Most of you know that I’m a British Cycling and Triathlon coach in my spare time for a couple of…

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Help shape the future of Food and Drink!

We’re helping our clients re-imagine food and drink for retail, wholesale and foodservice. HRA Global’s FMCG Expert Panel aims to help bring the industry together to help pave the way for a more secure and sustainable future. And if you want to play a role in shaping the future, we…

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Milk? Sugar? Sparkling? Can the UK learn to love sparkling tea?

The way that the public is consuming drinks is changing. With increasing awareness of the impact of sugary drinks and the rise of ‘no and low alcohol’, brands are now looking to develop more natural, low-calorie drinks in order to move with public opinion. In the US, the introduction of…

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What the Digital Ethnographic method can offer food and drink brands

Gathering rich insight at scale – are digital ethnographies the ‘holy grail’ of online market research? Up until recently you could have been excused as thinking of the ethnographic method as something best left to academics. The word ‘Ethnography’ brings to mind in-depth studies of populations over time, typically in…

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empty restaurant during coronavirus

Have the rules of the game changed for food and drink brands?

The article I desperately wanted to write this month was a positive, uplifting piece about how both the food and drink industry and the nation has come together to rally round the vulnerable and the health service. And about how, after an Easter pause to reflect, there are the first early signs of a way out of the crisis.   But sadly, that’s…

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stocked supermarket

The initial Shopper Verdict is in: what the HRA Consumer Panel is telling us about changes in lockdown food and drink habits

What the HRA Consumer Panel is telling us about changes in lockdown food and drink habits ‘Unprecedented’ is a word we’re all hearing a lot of at the moment, it feels over-used but to be fair it just about sums up 2020 so far. When the Covid-19 crisis began it…

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people queue at waitrose during coronavirus pandemic

Food and Drink brands need to adapt quickly to the post COVID world

“The kaleidoscope has been shaken. The pieces are in flux. Soon they will settle again. Before they do, let us re-order the world.” I don’t often quote Tony Blair, but there is a first time for everything. Maybe it’s because, as a child of the 1970’s, my kaleidoscope was one…

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smartphone and laptop

How To Run An Effective Online Focus Group

In light of the current Covid-19 pandemic, running a face-to-face focus group is an impossibility. However, this does not mean that all taste tests and consumer research must be stopped. With the progress of digital technology and most of the population getting used to remote calls for work and seeing…

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opening a fermentable drink

Functional Health Part 2 – Gut Health – Trend Report 2020 Extract

Gut health in 2020 has hit its tipping point – its entrance into the mainstream marks a point of no return to the old school. On the edge – Gut Health’s tipping point It’s becoming increasingly common to see British supermarkets now regularly stocking fermented foods outside of the world…

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toasting with wine

In the ‘Golden age of Gin’, how to recover your wine sales

Ordering the ‘right’ wine in a restaurant or bar is a real challenge for many consumers, and this difficulty of choosing from an extensive list of unfamiliar flavours can be enough to put some people off choosing wine altogether. This decline in wine sales is likely further compounded by general…

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CBD oil

Functional Health Part 1 – CBD – 2020 Trend Report Extract

Consumers are not only taking more care of diet choices for physical health but are also looking at how diet affects mental health. Food and drink products and claims are evolving to include the mind benefits – capturing the trends for self-care, selective eating, and healthy ageing. The Rise of…

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