Analysis of India’s Mother Dairy New Products

India’s Mother Dairy has redesigned its pouch milk packaging. With design by The Brand Union, the graphics highlight how milk from the farm reaches the consumer’s home. Mother Dairy milk is available in five variants – with the colour coding carrying over from the previous design.

Hamish Renton commented: “India’s Mother Dairy is fast becoming a consumer force to be reckoned with and their latest packaging resign demonstrates a fluency with materials, visuals and messaging that many other global dairy companies would envy.

“This matters because for the last 35 years, at half past five every morning, 3.5 million households in New Delhi have woken u to a pack of Mother Dairy milk on their doorsteps. The new range has been neatly segmented into skimmed, full cream, toned, standardised and double toned with matching colourways carried over from the previous design to make purchase easier. The new illustrated pack, reminiscent of a children’s mural, shows the journey of the milk from coq in the pasture to consumer’s homes alongside visual cues around nature, health and balance.

“This new design delivers stand out on shelf and greater design appeal whilst retaining a very simple colour-coding and cost effective pouch format for the milk. A very comprehensive marketing and packaging execution from Mother Dairy.”

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