Are You Leveraging Time of Day Targeting?


Who wants a plain old yogurt when they can have a yogurt positioned as a wholesome breakfast alternative? That’s the question Nomadic Dairy clearly asked themselves when they launched their Nomadic Oat Clusters & Natural Yogurt pots. With low fat yogurt, wholesome oats and fruit, this is a tempting on-the-go breakfast proposition for those who like their breakfast al-desko. Another innovative brand targeting breakfast is  Slingshot, an American all-natural protein drink with a shot of chia, oats and seeds wrapped around the neck of the bottle. The natural positioning, convenient format and superfood element tie nicely into the future of this category.


After a workout, consuming protein-rich dairy products enhances muscle recovery and boost protein synthesis. Brands such as Arla Protein and Powerful Yogurt are capitalising on the need for convenient protein after exercise.

Night Time

Many consumers want something to relax them and help them sleep in the evening. And dairy is one product category able to make a clear claim to this. Research shows that cows milked at night provide milk with higher levels of melatonin and tryptophan, hormones that have been shown to aid sleep and reduce anxiety.

Nacht Milk is just one brand that has sought to capitalise on this, though there is undoubtedly room for other brands to do the same. I’m sure you’ll agree, there have been some really interesting new launches this year and we are certainly looking forward to seeing what other NPD 2016 brings! If you’ve a new, innovative challenger brand product and are looking for help with launching your range or would just like to discuss this growing market, then call us on 01803 203387 or email at

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