August’s Monthly Impact Report

Our monthly impact reports continue to highlight how we run our office and hold us accountable. We strongly believe in transparency and our environmental scorecard allows us to keep track so that we can learn more about our behaviours.

Last month, we planted some new flowers and salad leaves in our office yard to utilise the space that we have (see progress pictures below). Although summer may be tailing off, we can continue to enjoy this area as a team during the day.

newly planted flowers outdoor office area with flowersoutdoor office space without flowers

Since last year, we have been pursuing our B Corp certification and have now moved into the verification stage! This is great news as our team has worked hard to make meaningful changes to how we conduct our business. So, stay tuned to see how the next few weeks develop!

August’s Scorecard

Aug-21What we useComments
Energy26459kWh more than last month
WaterN/AWorking on installing a water meter
MileageN/AHow far our team travels for business
General Waste4 x 50L bagsGeneral waste is the same this month
Hard Mixed Recycling3 x 50L binsRecycling is slightly lower this month
Soft Plastics Recycling1 x 50L binOur soft recycling scheme includes packaging like crisps packets that can’t be recycled through our kerbside collection
Compost2 full caddiesOur small office caddy has been filled 2 times and emptied into our outdoor tumble composter, a little less than last month

If you missed last month’s impact report, check it out here: July’s Monthly Impact Report. Have any questions about our impact reports and policies? Get in touch by calling 01803 203387 at a time that suits you.

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