The HRA Global Charity Challenge 2024

Join us as we embark on an epic virtual journey

in a unique blend of fitness and global teamwork to support FareShare! 

HRA Global invites our friends, colleagues, clients, and anyone passionate about making a difference, to join us on our virtual journey from the UK to New Zealand.   Among the 200 brands in over 20 countries that we have worked with, the furthest away is based in New Zealand. So, as a bit of fun for this year, and to support an important cause, we decided to undertake a virtual challenge to see how long it would take us to get there. The journey officially kicks off in January 2024 and will see the HRA Global team recording the distances we cover through various activities like running, walking, cycling, swimming, stand-up paddle boarding (SUP), rowing, along with your support every step (or stroke, pedal and stride depending on your chosen sport) of the way!  As we tally up our collective mileage, we will also enjoy a few virtual pit-stops along the way to learn about the different places we would encounter if we were physically traveling from the UK to New Zealand. 

Meeting Global Goals

As a BCorp company we actively encourage our team to engage in activities that promote health and wellbeing, and as they all engage in regular sports including rowing, football, paddleboarding, hiking, cycling, hockey and ski-ing, anyway, the challenge was born! It’s as much about fitness as it is supporting local communities, contributing to BCorp goals and at least 5 of the Global Goals agreed by all world leaders to build a greener, fairer, better world by 2030.

“We wanted to do something that showcases our team’s commitment to health and wellbeing, engages our clients and colleagues, and aligns with our strong sense of corporate and social responsibility.”


Why FareShare? 

Millions of tonnes of good food go to waste in the UK every year, while millions struggle to put food on the table.   FareShare acts as a bridge, connecting surplus to the needy, strengthening communities and reducing waste, Hamish Renton, Managing Director of HRA Global, said;  “We believe that no good food should go to waste. FareShare resonates with our mission, and that’s why we’ve chosen to support them. They work tirelessly to redistribute surplus food to charities, which then transform it into meals for communities in need. Being in the food and drink industry we felt that FareShare was the right charity for us to support as we want to ensure those in need can access vital supplies whilst reducing waste”.   

The Epic Journey…  

Covering a staggering 18,529 kilometres from the United Kingdom to New Zealand the journey will involve people recording their distance from any sporting activities or exercise of their choosing on a shared Strava group. We aim to make pit stops along the way at key milestones across the route and keep everyone updated on progress.   How long will it take? Who knows! But with support from as many people as possible we can get there quicker, and raise vital funds along the way. 

Join us! 

If you’d like to join our virtual challenge from the UK to NZ, please join our Strava group so we can log the distances travelled. Enter your details below and then follow the link to join! Thank you in advance for your support. Not up for the challenge but want to support us anyway? Please donate here!

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