Check Out Your A To S Of Sweeteners

Sweeteners have been used as an alternative to sugar for some time now, but you may not be familiar with the different types of sweeteners that are out there. Below, a member of our food and drink marketing team breaks down some of the most common types of sweeteners that are used around the world on a daily basis.


The second most common sweetener after sucralose, Aspartame commands 23% of the sweetener market, according to Leatherhead Food Research.

Discovered in 1965, it was approved for use by several European countries in the 1980s. Since then, it’s been mainly used in soft drinks including Diet Pepsi, Sprite Zero, Coca Cola Zero and Robinson’s No Added Sugar Range.

Despite being linked to a wide range of side effects such as premature births and even cancer, it is one of the most widely tested and used food ingredients. Notwithstanding its widespread use and approval by EFSA and the FDA, many consumers continue to remain skeptical about the ingredient.

Avoiding Aspartame is certainly a challenge for these consumers, especially with how prevalent its use is!


Stevia’s big marketing machine and a reputation as a healthy, non-synthetic sweetener has caused its popularity to surge.

Containing useful minerals and with anti-oxidant properties, Stevia sounds like the perfect sugar replacer. However, don’t get too excited!

With a distinctive liquorish-like taste and a price tag 55% higher than sugar, manufacturers are understandably hesitant to fully embrace it.


With 34% of the market share, Sucralose is the top sweetener, according to Leatherhead Food Research.

Widely used in soft drinks such as Pepsi, Diet Coke and even Tropicana, Sucralose is also commonly found in chewing gum, breakfast cereals and salad dressings.

Whilst Sucralose might be cost effective and lack aftertaste, it’s not all-good news. Associations between Sucralose and migraines, gastrointestinal and immunological problems continue to act as deterrents to cautious buyers.

Health-Conscious Consumers Souring Towards Sugar AND Sweeteners

With sugar and sweeteners holding perceived bitter health side effects for many, the next article explores alternatives to meeting health-conscious consumers’ needs.

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