Could You STILL Be The Biggest Loser In The Sugar Tax?

The Awful Tooth? Consumers have been acutely aware of the association between sugar and tooth decay for decades. But the concern about sugar is now deeper and wider than dental cavities.

Several large-scale studies have recently linked sugar consumption with an increased risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and a number of cancers. And the emerging link between sugar and weight gain is overturning longstanding and inaccurate assumptions that fat causes flab.

All of these factors have shocked increasing numbers of shoppers into paying attention to the facts. So much so, that a recent ComRes survey found 53% of people now support a levy on sugary drinks and food.

War On Sweetness Declared!

The war on sugar has gradually widened into a war on sweeteners, and even sweetness itself. The argument for this is that sweeteners merely satiate the desire for sweetness, without weaning consumers off sugar.

Through upsetting the hormones that regulate the appetite, when presented with a sugar-laden snack, adults and children opt for it time after time. Therefore sweeteners merely postpone the act of indulgence, rather than remove it.

The A To S of Sugar Alternatives

In a follow up article, we reviewed the A to S of sugar alternatives (yes, you did read that correctly!) and what they could mean for your food or drink brand. Got something about sugar or sweeteners you’d love to discuss with our established team of food and drink specialists? Contact Hamish on 01803 203387.

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