Diet Coke Gets a Serious Revamp

Hamish Renton, Managing Director of HRA Food and Drink Consultants talks to The Grocer’s Daniel Selwood about new look Diet Coke variants, is this a sign of what’s to come for the UK?

Diet Coke Gets a Serious Revamp.

Hamish Renton, managing directer of HRA Food & Drink, says the redesign shows Coke is “taking the battle to the challenger brands and the adventurous shoppers” and would have been “researched to death” by the company to ensure success. But the move is “radical, and Coke doesn’t do well when it does radical”, he adds, citing the example of Coke Life, the reduced sugar flop that was pulled from UK shelves last June. Coke may well feel rather cautious in light of that experience…’ 

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