Dirty little secrets of Free From

Whilst there are some very good examples of gluten-free processed products, the truth is that most of the time they are not healthier.

Low carb and government health campaigns have pointed the finger at a series of macro-nutrients i.e. carbs, salt, sugar and fat.

Implicitly, consumers are being taught that excluding one ingredient, such as gluten or dairy, makes a product ‘healthier’. Nutrition (and grocery) just isn’t that simple.

The problem for Free From is that customers expect an above average high standard of healthiness in products. Yet they’re presented with a below average healthiness actual.

The gap is potentially dynamite. I know from experience as an R&D director that it’s hard to replicate mouth feel, texture, flavour and scent when you’re avoiding using wheat and gluten.

It takes significant time, effort, R&D investment and skill to get it right. If your Free From products are nutritionally sub-optimal, beware: consumers will vote with their purses AND name and shame you and your brands.

In the next article, I share with you the 3 Dirty Little Secrets Found Lurking In The Free From Aisle…

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