February Reflections: A message from HRA Global’s MD, Hamish Renton

Well, who would have thought that?

Last month was the busiest we’ve ever had here at HRA Global, yet its only a few weeks before the Brexit leave deadline. If you read all the commentators doom-and-gloom predictions, you’d think companies were hanging back, building cash on the balance sheet and waiting to see how the Brexit process shakes out.

But the truth is that its times like this when all the pieces on the chessboard are given a good shake. In the middle of adversity lies opportunity and what we’ve seen is that both UK, European and International companies have been asking us to help them position their brands, manufacturing and strategy for this new world we’re entering into.  If you are looking to Export into the UK there has rarely been a better time or a more level playing field.

From a market research perspective we’ve got our teeth into some really interesting projects – both quant and qual – and its rewarding  to see clients engaging with the research findings and optimising the design, packaging, weights and pricing in direct response to consumer feedback. Brands that do this dramatically increase the odds of commercial success.

And lastly a note to self, I need to start to get out on the bike a little more and put some miles in as I’ve another half ironman race coming up in May, so perhaps I’ll start cycling to client meetings. How very 2019!

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