Food & Drink Marketing And Branding That Works

I am going to come out and say it: what is needed by Food and Drink brands is design that works.

By ‘works’ I mean design that generates more sales, outshines the competition and raises both the rate and weight of purchase. The acid tests of success are: does this new artwork appeal to the target shopper in a motivational way; does it make the product more appealing; does it enhance the brand; does it impress the trade enough to gain a listing or distribution and ultimately does it increase volume or value sales.

Too often, generalist design agencies are keen on designing artwork to win agency awards and other baubles, or unthinkingly trying tactics that have worked in the automotive or fashion markets in the food and drink market. Many brands have hired expensive agencies and launched redesigns that have fallen flat when on the shelf – we can all name the famous examples, but there are thousands who just quietly suffer and have to hastily design again.

The fact is that food and drink brands have their own unique drivers and challenges and the best design comes from those who obsessively focus on food and drink and combine that with a grounded, creative approach that’s proven to be successful. What counts is what works.

HRA have been working on Marketing projects since 2011 and over that time we’ve been able to help our clients both launch new products and reposition existing propositions to make a real impact on categories and markets. It’s been a privilege to see some of the early clients become enduring challenger brands in their chosen categories. Some of our early start-up clients are big names now.

We’ve been building the creative and planning talent in the team over the years. We encourage all the team to manage their own active CPD agenda, led by their own creativity and curiosity. It’s working as it’s been a very successful year for our Marketing & Branding team led by Roseanna. After years of study, CPD and project work, Roseanna has completed her full Chartered Institute of Marketing qualifications and now adds this sought after qualification to almost 5 years experience bringing alive food and drink brands and helping clients achieve commercial success. She runs our in house Creative team as well as our network of specialist copywriters, art workers, and designers. Those of you who have dealt with her know you are in very safe hands.

At HRA Global, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond expectations to provide authentic, valuable insight. Each project starts with a meeting where we work to understand our client’s business and their specific pain points. From this, we design a bespoke methodology with the end goals in mind – only when we have fully understood the brief do we start to design.

Unlike other agencies, we work solely in food and drink which means we know the market inside out. With our team, all experienced in food marketing and branding as well as food and drink commercial consulting, there is no question that they are all buzzing with fresh ideas on how to get the most out of the branding process and the wider implications for our clients’ brands, all with an eye on growing our clients sales and helping them develop their brand propositions.

We are proud of what makes us different and we’d love to help bring your branding idea to life. It’s an exciting time so please get in touch to see if we could help – I bet we can.



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