HRA’s Top Foodie Gifts For Valentine’s Day

Aah, February 14th. The date that truly divides the population. Divisive or not, here at HRA we never pass up a day like today to take a look at the latest NPD, traditions or gadgets, and today we’ve chosen the latter. We’ve chosen 6 of our favourite weird and wonderful kitchen gadgets – perfect V Day gifts for food lovers. But never fear, we’ve chosen gadgets which are appropriate all year round, not just for Feb 14th.

On-The-Go Teapot

Is your loved one one of the millions of westerners suffering from a chronic lack of free time? Does their getting-ready time in the morning seem to be shrinking almost daily? Are they almost missing out on the all-important morning cuppa? Fear no more – this loose tea infuser from IngenuiTEA fits perfectly over its own mug, making loose tea brewing as easy and quick as possible.

Avocado Slicer

Aah, avocados. Everyone’s favourite health food. Well, most people’s anyway. Their wealth of health benefits has well and truly made the humble avocado the food of the moment. Versatile and filling, avocados now feature in everything from salads to sandwiches, although splitting, pitting and slicing them can be a time consuming and tricky process – but that’s where the OXO 3-in-1 Avocado slicer comes in. By doing all of this in one go, how better to celebrate V Day than by speeding up the salad-making process?

Heart Shaped Waffle Iron

It wouldn’t be v day without 50% of the products on the shelf being either heart shaped, pink, or red. This heart-shaped waffle iron from fits into the former category and is perfect for a loved one, creating not one, not two, but five waffles simultaneously. Come on, everybody loves heart shaped food, right? 

Lemon Atomiser

With pancake day just around the corner this citrus atomiser is perfect even for those opposed to February 14th. The days of wasting precious time hand-squeezing lemons and limes are over with this easy-to-use gadget. Serrated teeth allow for simple insertion into fruit, the cap sprays and distributes juice exactly evenly, and the gadget is small and easy to store. Everything you never knew you wanted!

Brass Knuckle Meat Tenderiser 

Are you both stressed out at work? Kids getting on everyone’s nerves? January blues dragging on longer than usual? You and your loved one can turn a bad day into a lovely meal with this brass-knuckle meat tenderiser. Made of heavy aluminium alloy, its grooves make it easy to hold and pound meat. It’s a wonder these aren’t more popular! Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a knuckle duster…

V-Tex Reverse Microwave

Probably our favourite on the list, this V-Tex is everything we actually knew we wanted. If the invention of the microwave revolutionised cooking, this bad boy revolutionised the art of drinking – and no, we don’t exclusively mean alcohol. Nicknamed a ‘reverse microwave’, the gadget can cool a drink in just 45 seconds.

The technology works on the basis of a cooling vortex which spins the drink round, and can cool drinks in all types of containers without disturbing the carbonation. Not only this, the V-Tex uses more than 80% less energy than many standard drinks chillers – great for a loved one concerned about their Carbon Footprint!

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