The Future of Proteins

The Future of Proteins: An Expert Report on the Deep Dive Protein by Roseanna Evans is a thorough study of protein industry prospects. We look at how the market is developing, how animal proteins such as milk are apparently regaining popularity, and how the plant-based sector is increasing in popularity. Roseanna also offers real-world examples of best practice innovation, and predicts the future of this flourishing industry.

In our baseline scenario for the increase in the alternative protein market, we expect a consistent rate of consumer acceptance, regulatory backing, and technical development.

What does the future of protein look like?

  • Further efforts on the part of scientists, startups, incumbent food companies, and investors lead to technological step changes that improve product quality and accelerate the time to parity. We predict alternative proteins grow more quickly, to 16% of the market in 2035.
  • More supportive policies and regulations, such as a carbon tax on greenhouse gas emissions and the redistribution of agricultural subsidies to help support the shift to plant-based proteins, will make alternatives considerably less expensive than traditional animal foods by 2035.
  • Watchouts: Consumers who are ambivalent about protein substitutes become less likely to try them, slowing market growth by 1 percentage point relative to the base scenario.

Only time will tell which protein type will come out on top in the end, but it’s clear that the industry is evolving and changing rapidly. As a manufacturer, marketer and producer, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in order to make informed decisions about the market trends to inform your business.

Download the Deep Dive Protein slides here: The Future of Proteins, Roseanna Evans

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