General Mills Launches 150 New Products Inspired by Food Trends

General mills introduces a range of 150 new products across the U.S. The company is not able to specify how many of the new products will be bakery, cereal or snacks. The products are inspired by leading consumer food trends: protein, bold flavours, gluten-free, indulgence and whole grain.

General Mills stated that +50% of people wanted more protein in their diet in order to build muscle, curb hunger and feel fuller for longer. The emerging sources of protein in its products were ancient grains, plants and seeds.

Hamish Renton from the International Food and Marketing Alliance said:”The promises of eating less through feeling fuller for longer is certainly of appeal to the health conscious consumer.”

Products under ‘bold flavours’ category answered the needs of 39% of consumers who seek new ethnic flavours, according the general Mills research. The emerging flavours found in the new General Mills; snacks included: sriracha, chilli sauce, chipotle and jalepeno.

“With the society which is becoming increasingly multicultural, people are embracing new flavours thorough their diet,” said Renton

The company said more than 25% of consumers were cutting down on gluten – at the same time 50% of gluten free eaters wouldn’t sacrifice taste. Hoping to respond to those needs, General Mils introduced products like berry granola and peanut butter biscuits.

“Somewhat surprisingly it is not just sufferers from condition such as coeliac disease who are buying gluten-free products as 98% of the market is actually made up of non-sufferers,” said Renton.

This is often cited as a result of the public following celebrities who are encouraging a gluten-free diet as a lifestyle choice,” he added.

As more and more people turn to dessert-inspired snacks as a reward, General Mils introduced a range of products based on top dessert flavours: vanilla, chocolate and strawberry as well as emerging flavours coconut and macaroon.

Despite the ever-growing healthy eating trend, indulgent flavours are still seeing much success” said Renton – warning that it was the indulgent side which could put consumers off in case of large portion sizes.

According to the companies statistics, 47% of people ate more whole grains in 2014 that they did in 2009.

“Consumers are citing reasons for choosing more whole grain options as:its richer taste, high fibre content, association with reducing the risk of heart disease and its ability to satisfy hunger for longer,” said Renton.

Top Trend

Renton regarded gluten-free trend as the strongest one of those recognised by General Mills and stated that in the future, ‘free from’ products would increase their competitiveness as healthy alternatives to leading, traditional brands.”

Top Ingredient

“Ancient grains such as quinoa have grown in popularity due to their relatively easy digestion through being gluten free and reputation as rich source of protein. Therefore, this product seems to be hitting several trends at once, maximising its appeal,” Renton said.

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