5 Global BBQ Trends

Korean Style BBQ

Referred to as Asia’s best kept secret, Korean Barbeque is a method of roasting beef, pork, chicken or other types of meat which funnily enough, originated in Korea. Also known as Gogigui (meat roast), these dishes can be cooked on a bbq, grill, or even a portable stove. The most common dish is bulgogi – beef which is marinated with a mixture of soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, garlic and pepper before being traditionally cooked using gridirons or perforated dome griddles.

Bavarian Style BBQ

Originating in Germany, Bavarian style BBQ is simple to recreate. It simply involves placing meat (beef, pork or chicken) in a Bavarian style marinade such as wheat beer, or cooking classic Bavarian-style products such as veal sausages on a BBQ, to be served with sweet mustard. Other Bavarian favourites such as pork shanks or sliced meat loaf barbecue just as well, and are perfectly accompanied by Bavarian snacks such as pretzels, homemade cheese and pickled cabbage.

Smoking Is The New Grilling

Originating in the USA, the smoking trend has reached Europe. Here, the emphasis is on cooking ‘low and slow’ – cooking the meat (or even veg) for as long as possible over a low heat. This means it retains its nutritional value, and takes on a more succulent texture with a smoky flavour. This also means that rather than the classic charcoal grills, which take a while to switch on, pellet barbeques have risen in popularity. These simply have to be connected to an electricity supply and turned on, meaning they are also easier to temperature-regulate.

Deli Style BBQ

The new smoking trend and the increased popularity of the BBQ has led to a wider variety of food being prepared on the BBQ, in particular, deli-style food. Foods such as smoked-salmon, hot pastrami, and smoked ham which were once confined to the deli can now be created with ease on a slow-heating barbeque.

Vegetarian BBQ

Move over meat! The recent vegetarian-vegan explosion has sent shockwaves through almost all food-markets, and the barbeque world is no exception. Whilst in recent years, vegetarians would be lucky to find the occasional corn-on-the-cob at a BBQ gathering, nowadays the vegetarian section of the barbeque aisle is ever-expanding.

Grilled halloumi, veggie-burgers and vegetarian kebabs are fast gaining prominence – with Tescos even launching the first ever cauliflower and mushroom steaks, just for the BBQ. Have you got a brilliant new barbecue product? Are you looking for help with launching your range? Or are you simply looking for more information? Call us on 01803 203387 or email at hamish@hra-global.com.

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