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Food Trends Across the Atlantic

Download our FREE 2024 Food Trends Across the Atlantic Report Discover emerging trends and opportunities for the industry in Europe and North America with “Food Trends Across the Atlantic: Identifying Emerging Food & Beverage Opportunities in Europe and North America,” an ocean-spanning collaboration between HRA Global and Nourish Food Marketing.…

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Exploring Current Food and Beverage Trends: Insights from the Field

Staying abreast of emerging trends is essential for businesses seeking to innovate and meet evolving consumer demands in the vibrant food and beverage landscape. Recently, I had the opportunity to delve into the latest trends shaping the market, drawing insights from various sources including the International Food & Drink Event…

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Food Trends 2024: What it means for your brand

The Latest Trends in Food and Drink In a recent webinar with creative agency White Bear, we explored the top trends in the food and drink industry and how brands can get ahead and use these to their advantage. From sustainability and consumer behaviour to regulatory changes and emerging opportunities,…

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The HRA Global Charity Challenge 2024

Join us as we embark on an epic virtual journey in a unique blend of fitness and global teamwork to support FareShare!  HRA Global invites our friends, colleagues, clients, and anyone passionate about making a difference, to join us on our virtual journey from the UK to New Zealand.   Among…

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Introducing The Taste Collective

We are pleased to announce that we have revamped our consumer market research service to offer brands an enhanced, engaging, and interactive opportunity to access consumer insights, and to help them shape what they put on supermarket shelves. Our consumer insights panel is now branded as ‘The Taste Collective.’  Identifying…

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Evolving Due Diligence in Food and Drink: Industry Insights

The nature of due diligence is changing. Be it for mergers, acquisitions, capital investments, diversifications and new product or market entries. It is no longer primarily focused on a one-dimensional financial evaluation. Technical, operations, supply chain and category are increasingly becoming key components of the analysis. “You cannot sit in…

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The Future of Food and Drink M&A: Trends and Opportunities

Considering our experience working on recent buy and sell side transactions over the last 18 months, we would like to share a few clear trends in food and drink M&A.   Deal acceleration – Locally here in the UK, with a change of government looming if current opinion polls are to…

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hra global street food trends

The Top Street Food Trends for 2022

The Top Street Food Trends for 2022 2022 is shaping up to be a big year for street food! New cuisines are emerging and gaining popularity, led by the Caribbean, Venezuelan, and Japanese styles of cooking. These trends are being driven by the youngest generation of diners, who are looking…

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hra global dairy and dairy alternatives

Sustainability for Dairy & Dairy Alternatives: Is it possible?

Sustainability for Dairy & Dairy Alternatives: Is it possible? The dairy industry is often seen as unsustainable. Critics argue that cows produce emissions, are at risk of genetic modification, and are a challenge to ecological diversity. However, improvements are happening across the industry. Dairy farmers are becoming more environmentally conscious,…

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The Future of Food and Agriculture by Hamish Renton, Managing Director at HRA-Global

The Future of Food and Agriculture

On the eve of his keynote talk at the International Food Exhibition in London, Hamish Renton, Managing Director of HRA Global looks upstream from the food industry into the agriculture space and reflects on the future of food and agriculture — and what we can expect over the coming decade.…

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The FMCG Insider Podcast with Emma Lewisham

In-depth with the world’s first luxury circular beauty brand, Emma Lewisham

Carbon positive circular beauty brand Emma Lewisham Ltd is leading change in luxury skincare and beauty, with a focus on sustainable practices that have minimal impact on the environment. From sustainable supply chains, innovative product formulation to circular packaging, Emma Lewisham is committed to leading the transformation within the beauty…

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Roseanna Interview The Grocer

Roseanna’s Interview With The Grocer – Working In The Food And Drink Industry

‘My food and drink job: Roseanna Evans, marketing & commercial consultant, HRA Global’. This week, Roseanna’s interview with The Grocer was published and we could not be more pleased.  Roseanna is HRA Global’s Marketing and Commercial consultant and works closely with our clients on a variety of projects. Some of…

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