Happy Cheese-ter! HRA’s Favourite (Yep, You Guessed It!) Easter NPD

Happy Easter (or should we say Cheese-ter, read down…), possibly the best time of year. Chocolate, chocolate, and cheese (!) everywhere. Here at HRA we thought we’d really take one for the team, and have a look at what this year’s brilliant NPD has to offer. (Diet can start next month!).
Solid Easter Egg

What kind of NPD list would this be without the man of the moment, the solid chocolate easter egg? Yes, we get it, everyone’s talking about it. We get it, it’s everywhere – but there was no way we could write this list without it. The previously (relatively) unknown Solid Chocolate Company have created what they claim is the world’s first completely solid, 750g easter egg. But how will I eat it, we hear you cry. The Solid Chocolate Co have well and truly fulfilled your wildest dreams – their egg is made of 42 bite-size building blocks, making it not only easy to eat, but perfect for sharing. Why, in 2017, has nobody thought of this before…

Laid Back Lamb

Of course we couldn’t make an NPD list without an entry from Marks & Sparks. Are we too predictable? This aside, M&S’ latest Easter creation is flying off the shelves. Yet another unconventional Easter Egg, this latest innocent treat has actually received mild criticism for seeming too ‘provocative’ – wow, some people do have too much time on their hands. On the whole, featuring an innocent lamb lying on it’s back, the treat has been overall well received by customers, and it’s easy to see why.

Egg Sandwich

Not one to be outdone when it comes to getting creative with chocolate, premium chocolatiers hotel chocolate have come up with a quirky alternative to the traditional easter egg, perfect for this easter season. The product features a chocolate sandwich with a large egg in the centre, and takes full advantage of technology, with a 3d scanner achieving the perfect sandwich slices in the traditionally lunchtime treat. The sandwiches come in four variants – caramel, white, milk and dark, and are priced at a competitive £10 (or 3 for £9). What’s not to like!

Dippy Easter Egg

From a range that never disappoints, this dippy Easter Egg is just what it says on the box: ‘Eggstraordinary’. Describing itself as ‘practically an immersive
experience’, it’s huge, pure chocolate shell is hand-sprayed with natural colours to ensure it looks just like a giant hens egg. It’s inside the egg where the real treasure lies: containing blue milk chocolate eggs filled with sea salt caramel and a pile of edible soil to dip into; a mix of cacao nibs; freeze dried passion fruit and white chocolate shards. This very premium offering might set you back £20, but it’ll be worth it.

Cheese Easter Egg

Chocolate is to Easter what trees are to Christmas, right? Integral, and it wouldn’t be right without it? Not anymore, apparently. In an Easter that’s seen a remarkable amount of ‘firsts, in conjunction with blogger Annem Hobson of ‘So Wrong It’s Nom’, artisan cheese company Wildes Cheese has produced the first Cheese Easter Egg.

Following last Christmas’ Cheese advent calendar, the ‘Cheester’ Eggs are 260g of solid, hand-made, vegetarian cheese – and cost just £14.95. Hobson stated: ‘Chocolate is okay, but it’s a little boring and frankly I’m sick of seeing it dominating key retail periods’ cheese is what excites me, so I’m thrilled my plans for a Cheester Egg have finally hatched’. Hmm, I’m not sure we’ll ever get sick of seeing chocolate, but that doesn’t make us any less excited at the prospect of all this cheese.

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