Introducing The Taste Collective

We are pleased to announce that we have revamped our consumer market research service to offer brands an enhanced, engaging, and interactive opportunity to access consumer insights, and to help them shape what they put on supermarket shelves. Our consumer insights panel is now branded as ‘The Taste Collective.’ 

Identifying Consumer Attitudes in a Competitive Landscape

Understanding consumer sentiment is paramount in today’s fiercely competitive food and drink sector. The Taste Collective embodies the voice of consumers to enable brands to decipher preferences, aspirations, and expectations effectively. 


Hamish Renton, MD of HRA Global says “Our commitment to delivering actionable solutions built on real insights has never been stronger. The Taste Collective represents a vital platform where industry expertise meets consumer voices, driving innovation, sustainability, and, ultimately, the success of our clients.”


The Taste Collective’s revitalisation involved extensive engagement with its existing members, who provided essential feedback on the panel’s new look and features. The outcome, ‘The Taste Collective,’ was democratically chosen by the members themselves, ensuring a stronger sense of community.  



The Taste Collective in Action

The Taste Collective utilises multiple research methods, including taste tests and focus groups, in person and from their homes, surveys, online communities, and interviews.  

Often taking an ethnographic stance, focus groups provide a platform for insightful discussions, surveys gather diverse opinions, and interviews delve into nuanced perspectives. Members are offered direct rewards, including prize draw entries and shopping e-Vouchers, depending on the nature and level of involvement. 

Most recently, through taste testing a new meat-free burger, The Taste Collective played a key role providing valuable insights into a brands’ UK market potential, and further afield ran a survey involving South Korean respondents to determine their perceptions of New Zealand food and drink products.  

Moreover, insights from the latest Taste Collective survey shed light on the impact of the cost of living crisis on members’ Christmas shopping plans. The majority (64%) of consumers surveyed reported that they usually eat out over the Christmas period, and our findings show that 74% are still planning to do so in 2023, despite the ongoing crisis.

The Christmas food shop is looking similar to previous years but there are still some changes to purchasing habits:  

  • 31% are switching to a cheaper supermarket  
  • 25% are buying less food  
  • 40% are buying cheaper items 

Unparalleled Access to Genuine Consumer Insights

For businesses seeking to stay ahead in the ever-evolving food and drink industry, The Taste Collective provides a unique platform to discover what buyers truly think, enabling informed decisions to shape the future of their brands. 

To learn more and join The Taste Collective, please visit or contact us to discuss your requirements.

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