July’s Monthly Impact Report

July was a scorching month here in Devon which has given the team a chance to soak up some sun at the beach! It also gave our energy usage a break and helped reduce our figure for the month of July.

We have set up a new recycling bin for soft plastics which will reduce our amount of waste going to landfill. Reducing our waste further will be an ongoing challenge for the team but we are committed to exploring new ways to do this.

Company mileage was higher due to the nature of some of our research projects. We are committed to monitoring this figure and this will be accounted for in plans to carbon offset our emissions. Our team follows a flexible work pattern including work from home which allows us to save on commuting miles. Balancing out this impact and assessing essential car travel will continue to be a goal for our team.

July’s Scorecard

July-21What we useComments
Energy205kWh88kWh down from last month
WaterN/AWorking on installing a water meter
Mileage756.6How far our team travels for business
General Waste3 x 50L bagsGeneral waste is down this month
Hard Mixed Recycling2 x 50L binsRecycling amount is down this month
Soft RecyclingN/AWe are setting up a new system to collect soft recycling such as plastic film and crisp packets, which will help to reduce our amount of general waste
Compost2 full caddiesOur small office caddy has been filled 2 times and emptied into our outdoor tumble composter

If you would like to find out more about our eco-friendly policies or to discuss our performance in June, please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience.

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