June’s Monthly Impact Report

It’s been a busy month at HRA Global and we are celebrating our 10-year anniversary! As we reflect upon how the FMCG industry has changed, we can also look at where it is going. We know that taking responsibility for our impact on the environment and on people needs to be at the heart of our business and we are excited to help lead the way in this industry.

We are committed to implementing new practices and planning bigger changes in the next few years. We want to be a part of the movement to look after our people and planet. To do this, we need a clear strategy and monthly impact reporting is only the first step for us to keep track of how we start to change as a company.

We are keen to think big and plan a net zero carbon strategy which we hope can be achieved by 2025. This will require us to measure our carbon emissions across all our practices and find effective ways to reduce this and offset our remaining emissions. This is no small task but an essential one none the less. As we head towards our B Corp certification, we are keen to network and share ideas with companies who have similar strategies and together we can learn how to improve.

We also need to be honest about our main challenges. At the moment this includes better monitoring our water usage, reducing our energy and our company mileage. We also have many strengths, in that we are a small team and can easily make plenty of swaps to how we supply our office and our individual actions.

This past month we have also started transforming our small office yard into a garden haven where we can plant to help wildlife and use our food waste as compost for growing our own herbs and maybe even some veggies! We have also enjoyed sourcing our planters locally and second hand and ramping up the amount of plants we also have inside the office. As the Devon summer is rolling out, we can enjoy our new outdoor space and contribute to the team’s wellbeing. Stay tuned for progress pictures!

Over the next month, we also want to work harder on our waste management by accurately measuring what goes in our composter and recycling. When we can quantify our waste we can set clearer targets to reduce it.

June’s Scorecard

June-21What we useComments


Much lower figure than previous months
WaterN/AWorking on installing a water meter
Mileage552.49How far our team travels for business
General Waste5 black bagsOur overall waste is up this month as we recycle packaging from deliveries and new gear for our garden
Recycling4 full red binsWe are streamlining our recycling with new posters on what exactly can be recycled so that our team can be reminded
CompostN/ATumble composter is in full action, collecting our food waste and coffee grounds

If you would like to find out more about our eco-friendly policies or to discuss our performance in June, please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience.

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