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Food Trends Across the Atlantic

Download our FREE 2024 Food Trends Across the Atlantic Report Discover emerging trends and opportunities for the industry in Europe and North America with “Food Trends Across the Atlantic: Identifying Emerging Food & Beverage Opportunities in Europe and North America,” an ocean-spanning collaboration between HRA Global and Nourish Food Marketing.…

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The HRA Global Charity Challenge 2024

Join us as we embark on an epic virtual journey in a unique blend of fitness and global teamwork to support FareShare!  HRA Global invites our friends, colleagues, clients, and anyone passionate about making a difference, to join us on our virtual journey from the UK to New Zealand.   Among…

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Unwrapping Consumer Insights: Christmas & The Cost of Living Crisis

As the festive season approaches, our recent survey from members of our consumer research panel, The Taste Collective, provides a snapshot of how UK consumers are adapting their traditions in the face of the ongoing cost of living crisis.   Despite economic pressures, the majority are committed to maintaining the…

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Introducing The Taste Collective

We are pleased to announce that we have revamped our consumer market research service to offer brands an enhanced, engaging, and interactive opportunity to access consumer insights, and to help them shape what they put on supermarket shelves. Our consumer insights panel is now branded as ‘The Taste Collective.’  Identifying…

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Discover the Future of Dairy: Global Market Outlook 2024 Webinar

Discover the Future of Dairy As a leading consultancy working in the dairy industry, we understand the ever-evolving landscape of the global dairy market. We teamed up with our esteemed colleagues at The Context Network to bring you a webinar all about the future of dairy in 2024. Our expert…

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Anuga 2023: The comeback we were all waiting for!

After recent years of Anuga being quiet affairs due to the pandemic and Brexit, it is fair to say that it is now back with a bang, with 14 bustling halls filled with a wide array of brands and products!  One week on from our trip, we have pulled together…

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Evolving Due Diligence in Food and Drink: Industry Insights

The nature of due diligence is changing. Be it for mergers, acquisitions, capital investments, diversifications and new product or market entries. It is no longer primarily focused on a one-dimensional financial evaluation. Technical, operations, supply chain and category are increasingly becoming key components of the analysis. “You cannot sit in…

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The Future of Food and Drink M&A: Trends and Opportunities

Considering our experience working on recent buy and sell side transactions over the last 18 months, we would like to share a few clear trends in food and drink M&A.   Deal acceleration – Locally here in the UK, with a change of government looming if current opinion polls are to…

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Don’t call it a comeback: Focus groups in a post-Covid world

Don’t call it a comeback: Focus Groups in a post-Covid world In a post-Covid world, face-to-face research is becoming increasingly important for brands across a range of industries. In solving complex business and brand challenges, it is proving essential to gain a clear and accurate view of the needs of…

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On-the-Go Breakfasts Are Booming: Bars, Drinks, and Shots on the Rise

On-the-Go Breakfasts Are Booming: Bars, Drinks, and Shots on the Rise Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough time in the morning to make a proper breakfast? If so, you’re not alone. The on-the-go breakfast occasion is witnessing robust growth as more and more people are heading back…

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Supermarkets Are Offering Meal Kits, Fakeaways and More to Help Recreate the Restaurant Dining Experience at Home

Supermarkets Are Offering Meal Kits, Fakeaways and More to Help Recreate the Restaurant Dining Experience at Home A combination of high inflation, online delivery and home eating has added yet another constraint in the battle for consumers’ cash. But supermarkets are coming up with offers and ideas to manage this…

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Grubs up! Will using insects as a protein replacement go mainstream?

Many of us will have childhood memories of being dared to eat a worm. What was back then, and still perhaps now, an outrageous and disgusting thought, may no longer be too far away from becoming the truth. With the global population growing, it will come as no surprise that…

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