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Learning From Customers From a Distance

From the very beginning, HRA Global has always had a strong digital side. Partly due to us having a high proportion of international clients, early on we hopped on Skype, Go To Meeting and BlueJeans platforms for client project meetings and FMCG market research, as detailed in a recent Market…

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One of my fondest memories was when we found out my wife was pregnant for the first time.  We had a ‘two up, two down’ house in St Albans and we madly ran around all the rooms singing along to David Bowie’s classic song ‘Changes’ on repeat. It was a…

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futures for food poster

Hamish is Speaking at the ‘Futures for Food’ Symposium

Hamish is set to speak at the ‘Futures for Food’ Symposium on Thursday 28th May 2pm – 5pm. This is an exciting event brought by the University of Portsmouth, by Professor Lisa Jack and Sandra Johnson. Keep reading for a message from Hamish and details of how you can attend…

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woman with mask on in supermarket

Taking Baby Steps out of Lockdown

I hope you got some quality rest over the bank holiday weekend and filled your tank up for the weeks ahead as the country starts to tiptoe out of lockdown. Most of you know that I’m a British Cycling and Triathlon coach in my spare time for a couple of…

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fmcg expert panel

Help Shape the Future of Food and Drink!

We’re helping our clients re-imagine food and drink for retail, wholesale and foodservice. HRA Global’s FMCG Expert Panel aims to help bring the industry together to help pave the way for a more secure and sustainable future. And if you want to play a role in shaping the future, we…

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taking a photo of meals

What Deep Dive Research Can Offer Food and Drink Brands

Gathering rich insight at scale – are digital ethnographies the ‘holy grail’ of online market research? Up until recently you could have been excused as thinking of the ethnographic method as something best left to academics. The word ‘Ethnography’ brings to mind in-depth studies of populations over time, typically in…

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empty restaurant during coronavirus

Have the rules of the game changed for food and drink brands?

The article I desperately wanted to write this month was a positive, uplifting piece about how both the food and drink industry and the nation has come together to rally round the vulnerable and the health service. And about how, after an Easter pause to reflect, there are the first early signs of a way out of the crisis.   But sadly, that’s…

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people queue at waitrose during coronavirus pandemic

Food and Drink brands need to adapt quickly to the post COVID world

“The kaleidoscope has been shaken. The pieces are in flux. Soon they will settle again. Before they do, let us re-order the world.” I don’t often quote Tony Blair, but there is a first time for everything. Maybe it’s because, as a child of the 1970’s, my kaleidoscope was one…

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What happens next in the Food and Drink industry?

I have never known anything like this – it’s like the effect of the Twin Towers ‘9/11’ plus the Financial crisis combined in its impact. Extraordinary. I’ve spoken to about 30 clients this week and we all have very similar concerns for our teams as the virus is a human…

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washing hands safety from COVID-19

Is COVID-19 triggering a seminal moment for the food and drink industry?

What a difference a month makes. At the end of February, the sense of optimism around the trade was palpable and you could feel it in many different ways. There was a little spring in the step of marketing and commercial directors, a lot of brands were looking to expand…

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A Q&A with Roseanna, Marketing and Commercial Consultant

What has your career path been up to this point? I have worked for HRA Global for almost four years, starting in June 2016. Prior to this I was a ‘fresh grad’, having completed my Politics degree at the University of Exeter that same month. How would you define your…

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We’re going to The Source Trade Show 2020

Some of the HRA Global team will be attending the annual Source Trade Show at Westpoint Exeter next month (5th-6th February). The South West’s biggest and best trade show for the food & drink sector. Let us know if you’re going and we can arrange to catch up. Contact us here.…

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