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We’re helping our clients re-imagine food and drink for retail, wholesale and foodservice. HRA Global’s FMCG Expert Panel aims to help bring the industry together to help pave the way for a more secure and sustainable future. And if you want to play a role in shaping the future, we want you on board.

Uncertainty is the new normal, right? In our view, the right response involves understanding, innovation and empathy in equal measure.

For both retail and foodservice, recent months have brought colossal change, of the magnitude which few would have ever expected to see in their lifetime. It is during times like this that the industry needs to pull together to help share knowledge and experience in order to help rebuild the post Covid economy.

Why We Launched An FMCG Expert Panel

Food and Drink Market Research forms a large part of what we do at HRA Global, and our Consumer Panel continues to grow year-on-year as we take on a wide range of projects using techniques from face-to-face focus group to AI language analysis. While there is obviously a lot to be gained from speaking directly to end-consumers, the value of B2B research should not be underestimated. In times of uncertainty in particular, gaining views from key decision makers and influencers in the industry can be instrumental in helping predict future trends and developments.

This is why we decided to launch HRA’s FMCG Expert Panel. Not only will panel members get the chance to engage in meaningful discussions with like-minded individuals, but where possible we will share the key insight gained from the research exclusively with panel members. Our aim in doing this is to help provide reliable insight to help inform smart business decisions.

As a member of this panel, we will reach out to you from time to time when we’d like to get your opinion on a topic we feel may be of interest to you. Usually, this will involve asking for your views on emerging trends in the market, or sometimes even on specific products or solutions. Through taking part in these discussions you will be helping to shape the future of the industry, whether that be through sharing your experience with sustainability drives, trends or discussing industry best practice.

Whether you’re working for a food or drink business, in a foodservice environment or in a grocery retailer or wholesaler, your views can make a real impact. Looking to learn more about how being part of the panel works. Visit our consumer panel page.

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If you have any questions for our food and drink market research team before signing up, contact us.

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