Meet Emma Stallworthy, Our New Sustainability & Research Consultant

I have just finished my MSc in Conservation Science and Policy at the University of Exeter. I chose this course after gaining a first in Ancient History and Archaeology from Liverpool University. I am interested in environmental and social sustainability challenges and also understanding modern consumer goods systems.

With Sustainability at the top of many FMCG companies agenda, and knowing the work that HRA Global has put into developing BCORP expertise, it seemed like too good an opportunity to miss to join the team to help consumer brands work their way through the BCORP and sustainability opportunities and challenges.

What Has Your Career Path Been To This Point?

I have worked within several NGO organisations combining aspects of nature, history, education, and sustainability across the UK and abroad. I have coupled this experience with academic development and work within the retail and hospitality sectors.

Have You Worked In Food And Drink Before?

I worked as a waitress during my undergraduate degree and, after graduating, I decided I wanted to get a bigger understanding of our food systems. I travelled over to Australia and worked on a permaculture farm which was an eye-opening experience. This involved planting, harvesting, and selling our produce in markets across Melbourne. Through this experience, I have a deep seated respect for the Australian and New Zealand agricultural systems.

What Are Your Main Interests In The Field Of FMCG?

I am a big food lover with particular interest in the development of plant-based foods. However, I am also keen to explore how the whole food and drink sector can develop best practices for sustainability. I am interested in understanding more on FMCG market research and working with varied clients and fieldwork with members of the public as part of HRA Global’s successful research team.

What Excites You Most About The New Role?

This role is incredibly varied which allows me to learn about the sector as a whole. I am excited to be a part of different projects and learn as much as I can about this industry. I am also excited to be a part of the HRA Global team and learn from their varied professional experience.

What Motivates You Professionally?

I love to be involved in work that has a direct impact on society. Food, drink, health and fashion are key drivers for our society, and I am excited to see how this industry is going to change in years to come and be part of helping companies make positive growth and change.

To congratulate Emma or reach out to any of the HRA Global team, send an email to or find our wider contact details.

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